Rental Policy

MyPartyPackage will rent selected supplies in cart to the Client for specified amount of time at checkout. Pick-up and delivery is available within a 30 mile radius of Jacksonville, FL 32225 zip code.

MyPartyPackage will rent the equipment to the Client for specified time at checkout. All equipment guaranteed to be without defect. Client accepts all responsibility for damage to or injury caused by use of the equipment. $50 deposit  applied at checkout is refundable if listed items are met:

-equipment is returned without physical damage or excessive soils

-equipment is neatly gathered and all present at collection time. (Client will be charged full cost of any item that is lost or not returned).

-equipment is not over 15 minutes late in returning

 MyPartyPartyPackage will deliver the equipment to location requested at confirmation and pick-up will be performed at same location. Any changes to this location will need to be communicated within 24 hours of drop-off delivery time. Set-up costs will be additional and must be communicated separately. Normally between $50-$100.

Charges will be paid in full before delivery. If a cancellation occurs inside 24 hours of delivery date the Client will forfeit full deposit.