4th of July Celebration

4th of July Disney Orlando Summer Universal Vacation

             4th of July “Vacation Experiences”

MyPartyPackage would love to hear about your “Vacation Experiences”, we quote that because it’s sometimes questionable if it’s actually a “vacation” or just time away from home. Here is where we love to party with you. “Here is Where the Party Starts” 

One of the most desired destinations for travel is Orlando, Florida. Here you can see the wonders of Walt Disney and the theatrical genius of Universal Studios. So many resorts to choose from. So many hotels to choose from. So many RV campsites to choose from. It’s a wonderful time once in Orlando or wherever you’re going.

For example New York, Los Angeles, Houston and of course Washington, D.C. How do you get there? Is it train, bus, personal vehicle, rental car or cruise ship for some of our out of country destinations? Whatever the means of transport it’s going to take time. How is your time spent? Hopefully you’re able to have a good time while waiting. If not hopefully you’ll have the greatest time while at your destination. Then eventually when that dreaded day of leaving comes your going to have to wait again. Waiting is the worst part of vacations, especially when things go wrong with your plans.

What are some of the most dreadful experiences that you guys have suffered from during your “vacation experience”?

What are some the best experience that you’ve had or are currently having right now? We’d love to have you as a part of our family make sure to leave your contact information so we can keep in touch and share experiences.


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