Labor Day Fun

Labor day is where it's at. Get the grill out and enjoy a day off for most of us. Some of us have to work too. We know it sucks but hopefully there is a way of getting that time off with your employer. Our military out there defending the freedoms that we freely talk about. Thank you guys and gals so much! We really appreciate you. 

If your on a ship in your yard in the field a foreign land we sincerely hope that there is something that you can enjoy. Friends, family, friends of friends, frenemies whoever and whatever just make it your duty to have some fun. 

For the travelers be safe on the road, in the air and yes even on the water. However you get there have fun on the way, while your there and on the way back it's your duty. Just kidding but seriously have fun.

Don't forget to take care of yourselves spiritually because we all have a calling, it just takes for us to follow that path to truly ignite the experience. Faith and love followed by grace will make for a great day and an awesome time. Speaking of an awesome make some for these great games:

1. Tug of War.

Get the folks ready and choose teams try to get it as even as possible even though we know someone has some secretive strength that will show up and bring on the win. Be careful of that team that suddenly decides to set up you up with a nice surprise! If you've been in some tug of wars than you know for sure what I'm talking about. 

Items needed:

-strong people?

-heavy rope with marker in the middle

-teamwork and plenty of laughter


2. Horseshoes. 

Let’s get the stakes and pits set up for a good ole game of horseshoes. Tournaments are so fun teams of two last team standing gets the bragging rights until the next one. Friendly wagers are sometimes an option as well. Either way it’s all fun don’t miss out on this one, don’t tear your yard up either in trying to get this thing set up. Save some time, money and frustration with this easy setup.

3. Lawn Darts.

If the other two didn't get you in the mood of having fun then maybe this usually indoor game transferred to the yard might. This one is so fun and easy to set up kids and adults can either challenge each other or even team up against each other. Quick and easy inflatable game link below.


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